SDSU faculty regularly contribute to comics scholarship. Here are a few of our publications, presentations and creative projects.

Journal Articles

*Listed in reverse chronological order*

Jarmakani, A. “Rendering Absence in the War on Terror: Molly Crabapple’s Sequential Art,” Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies, vol 17, no. 1 (March 2021): 131-136.

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Nericcio, W. “The Masked Man in the Mirror: Seven Panels in Search of an Enigma Named Zorro in the Age of Latinx Emergency,” Post Script: Essays in Film and the Humanities, 38:1, 2018. [Find the Full-text (SDSU Only)]

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Nericcio, W. “The Picasso of the Rio Grande Valley (Wait, or is that Foucault?): Pondering the Wickedly Ciphered, Frontera-Inflected Paintings of Izel Vargas, Artist/Painter & Television Kidnap Victim,” in ASAP/Journal {The Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present (ASAP/Journal), is published by the Johns Hopkins University Press}, 2.1, 2017, 187-201.

Culbertson, A. & Jackson, P. Comics and the Modern Library Catalog: New Rules for Breaking the Rules. The Serials Librarian, Vol. 14, issue 3-4, 2016. Find Full–Text

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Nericcio, W. “Artif(r)acture: Virulent Pictures, Graphic Narrative and the Ideology of the Visual,” Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature, 28.4, Dec 1995, pp. 79-109.

Books and Book Chapters

*Listed in reverse chronological order*

Howard, Yetta. (2021x). “Feminism” in Keywords for Comics Studies edited by Ramzi Fawaz, Deborah Whaley and Shelley Streeby (NYU Press: New York, 2021x), TBD.

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Nericcio, W. “Roland Barthes, Mojado, in Brownface: Chisme-laced Snapshots Documenting the Preposterous Claim that the Postmodern was Born Along the Borders of the Rio Grande River” in Performing in the United States Latina and Latino Borderlands, edited by Chela Sandoval, Peter J. García, & Arturo J. Aldama (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2012), 165-91.

Nericcio, W. “How This Book Reads You: Looking Beyond New Horizons in the Analysis of World Narrative Fiction,” in New Horizons in the Analysis of World Narrative Fiction, Frederick Aldama, editor (Austin: University of Texas Press, 2011), 269-276.

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*Listed in reverse chronological order*

Pollard, E., Rhett, M., Abrams, L., and Knoblach, K. (February 2021). “Comics as / in / of / History,” Michigan State University Comics Forum.

Pollard, E., Jackson P., P. Nunez, A., Rhett, M., Abrams, L., and Knoblach, K. (December 2020). “Comics, World History, and the Classroom,” Under the Baobab session for the World History Association.

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Jackson, P. (2020, March). “Collection Care and Preservation.” San Diego Comic Fest, San Diego, CA.

Pollard, E. (2019, June). “From Magica de Spell to Wanda Maximoff: Exploring Witches in Comics,” at the Annual Meeting of the World History Association in Puerto Rico.

Pollard, E. (2019, April). “A Deep History of Witches in Popular Culture,” Keynote lecture for Witches Night at the San Diego Comic Con Museum.

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Pollard, E. (2019, February). “Projections of Fear: Cinematic Spell-casting and Witches’ Sabbaths in Global Perspective,” at the California, Northwest, Hawaii World History Association Meeting, UC, Berkeley.

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Jackson, P., Culbertson, A., Tumlin, M. & Weston, W. (2013, July). Preserving Comic-Con’s Cultural History: The Richard Alf Collection and The Comic-Con Kids. Comic Arts Conference, Comic-Con, San Diego, CA.

Grant Projects

Jackson, P. The Comic-Con Kids: Finding and Defining Fandom. Funded by Cal Humanities, an independent non-profit state partner of the National Endowment of the Humanities.

Creative Work (i.e. comics, films etc)

Brown, A. Straight Outta Freemanville, a comic inspired by the 1993 Black western film, Posse.

Kendricks, N. Comics Are Everywhere!is a feature-length documentary-in-progress exploring the pop-cultural intersection where alternative comics, animation and the Art World collide as seen through the eyes of of emerging artists JJ Villard and Danni Shinya Luo and established comic creators Daniel Clowes and Jaime Hernandez, among others.