Photo of Fawaz Qashat

Hi! My name is Fawaz Qashat. I am 19 years old and in my first year at SDSU. My major is Biology. What I love about comics is how it portrays real human problems and life events while still portraying characters in a fun engaging way that draws you in. The colors, graphic weight, and so many more elements of comics encourage me to be an avid comic book reader. My favorite genre is the superhero genre. I love reading about superheroes fighting and using their powers in a beautiful display on the comic page while still being able to relate to their real life issues. My favorite superhero is Scarlet Witch (a.k.a. Wanda Maximoff) and my favorite comic book is House of M #7. This comic includes one of my favorite comic book moments in history where the Scarlet Witch utters the words, “No more mutants.” The reason this utterance is so important is that it highlights the struggle of racial discrimination. In the Marvel comics universe mutants are a race that are born with powers and humans constantly discriminate and refuse to accept the mutants. Out of her frustration over her father’s discrimination of humans since he is a mutant, Wanda decides to utter these words and turn mutants into humans in an effort to bring peace between the two and show that we are all people at our core. With Wanda being my favorite character, this makes my favorite Marvel movie/show WandaVision.